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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, April 01, 2011

Any colour as long as it's blue

I don't normally keep abreast of local Bristol news, but I had recently heard about the city's latest idiotic scheme brilliant idea for its taxi drivers. Apparently, some desk-bound jobsworths had decided in their wisdom that all city cabs should henceforth be any colour as long as it's 'Bristol blue', a precise shade found in Bristol glassware. The fact that the necessary respray would cost an average of £3000 and mean that the cab would be off the road for about three days, meaning three days' loss of earnings for the driver, either passed them by or was deemed to be unimportant, just as long as the city cabs presented a corporate image.
Not surprisingly, there was a bit of an outcry about this and the council did eventually concede that there could be a slightly wider interpretation of 'blue' in that it didn't have to be the one particular shade previously stipulated.
With me so far? Good.
So, having dealt with the cab drivers, the powers that be then turned their attention to private hire taxis and yes, you've guessed it, to avoid confusion, they can now be any colour except blue! Private hire taxis which have the misfortune to be blue (any shade) will no longer be licensed. Well, it is understandable. After all, there is so little difference between a cab (big) and a private hire cab (much like any ordinary car) that the public could so easily be confused.
And on the bright side, car resprayers are going to be doing a roaring trade. You really couldn't make it up!


mrsnesbitt said...

Yes - can "picture" the confusion all ready! Funnily enough I was just looking through my paint chart thinking about introducing a blue to the snug - only thinking mind you! Magnolia woman here - determined to step out of the box!

Jennyta said...

Yes, live dangerously, mrsnesbitt and, as you are not a texi driver in Bristol, blue will inspire feelings of calm and tranquillity as it is meant to. ;)

Mick's Page. said...

Hi Jenny. Me living here in Bristol thats only one ‘Brilliant’-????? idea my so called piers come up with. Is it any wonder that I continually post about taking the authorities on.
The extra cost, easy to guess who will be paying for that. Now car less [given up driving] I used a Taxi for the first time last week “How much from ******** to ********, being told the fare said to the driver I only want to ride in your taxi not buy it, he was not best pleased to say the least - Mick

Sage said...

Sometimes I wonder where these people get their ideas from.. obviously they have no idea of the financial consequences of their ideas on the real people that are affected.. xx

Jennyta said...

Mick, I can just imagine you saying that to the driver. :)
Sage, you are so right. They seem to live on a different planet to the rest of us.

UnmotheredChild said...

Typical!! Why is it that only d*ckheads get to make decisions like that?!

By the way, like your blog :)

Jennyta said...

Probably because they are the only ones with minds that work like that! ;)


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