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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

New houses

At last, we have open daffoldils! A bit late for St David's day but just in time for St Patrick and I'm sure David won't mind sharing.

Paddy and I went across the field behind us and walked round the adjoining field where the horses live. They're not there at the moment but they'll be back in a few months.
Then, we were a bit naughty and climbed through the (broken) fencing onto the road so that we could walk past this.

This is where 'they' are building new houses. Since I moved here, seven and a half years ago, house building has become this area's new hobby, all with its attendant disruption to the local road system, of course. The road running by this estate-to-be was closed to us from last August to this February and, since re-opening, guess what? Even more bollards and humps to wreck our cars on.

These will be three, four and five bedroomed houses, according to the blurb but I am wondering who is going to buy them. Many of the new builds around here are either still empty or have been bought up by housing associations.

As a fellow dog walker commented to me this morning, as we surveyed yet another area where it is rumoured that even more new houses might be built, soon there will be nowhere for us to walk the dogs.


mrsnesbitt said...

I agree - who will live in the empty houses? A sign of the times eh? The bubble has burst

Shooting Parrots said...

It's even worse when the builder gets halfway through and goes bump leaving houses unfinished for months, if not years.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

When the day comes when there's nowhere to walk your dogs you will need to buy Paddy an electric-powered treadmill with a big video screen in front showing a loop of Tom and Jerry cartoons.

Anonymous said...

Seeing daffodils is always a welcome sight!
As for the house building I sympathise as it always causes chaos for far too long. Flighty xx

Jennyta said...

There are quite a few empty houses on another new estate near here, mrsnesbitt.
SP, I am really hoping that doesn't happen!
YP, absolutely not! We'll just have to walk on pavements. :(
Flighty, it is lovely to see the daffodils, one of my favourite flowers.

Dad said...

A long time ago I served part time in the National Fire SDervice and we taught all about carrying down or rescuing people through upstairs windows.
Looking at these houses the windows are not large enough to bring an adult through'
However I expect that these days Elf And Insanity rules don't allow carrying down anyway.

John Gray said...

we may have 10 new houses ( for a start) just outside the village envelope......." affordable housing" so they say......

Jennyta said...

Probably not, Dad.
John, the trouble with 'affordable' housing is that it is often bought up by housing associations who may or may not put 'good' tenants in.


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