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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, September 24, 2010

New hobby

Here, chez Jennyta, the latest hobby is weather-watching. Not that it is a very new hobby for me, though. For years in my other life as a teacher, and especially as deputy head, when it was my job to decide if the weather was too bad for the children to go out to play at lunch-time, (no contest of course, unless there was a raging hurricane outside!) I have hung on to every word of the weather forecaster on TV,  morning, and evening, the farming forecast on Radio 4 early on Sunday morning - you name it, I listened to it. As a result, the dinner ladies (sorry, lunch-time assistants) at my school soon became similarly addicted and often recounted tales of puzzled husbands asking why on earth they had suddenly become fascinated by the weather when they had never shown any interest before.
However, that's by the by. These days, Keith and I are keeping a close eye for caravan-related purposes. We compare different forecasts and discuss in great detail which one to believe and finally make our decision. Are we likely to have a reasonable weekend in the wilds of Wales or could we end up marooned in a soggy field overlooking a grey sea and even greyer skies?
Last weekend, we believed the forecast and didn't go but, as we have  all discovered over the last two years, weather forecasting in the UK has been conspicuous by its inaccuracy, and so it proved last weekend. This weekend, the forecast is for sunny weather this afternoon and tomorrow, lasting into Sunday. So now we have another dilemma.
Should be believe that the forecast is accurate and take the plunge or is 'sunny weather during the weekend' really code for hail, thunder, floods and hurricanes? Decisions, decisions!
It's a serious business, this caravan-holidaying.


Little Brown Job said...

I do the same thing with weather forecasts, look at loads and then decide which one might be right. It never fails to amaze me that they can be so different when most of them draw their info from the same place, the met office.

Jennyta said...

Amazing, isn't it, Paul? But it does seem to have got much worse in the last couple of years.

Shooting Parrots said...

Interesting point you make about "who to believe". We choose our forecasters in the same way we define ourselves by our religion.

"Are you Metcheck?"

"No, my parents brought me up to be BBC."

Elder Daughter said...


It is one of the infallible laws of the universe that whenever you go camping, it will p**s down. Even if you were in the middle of the Sahara. It just happens that way.

And yes, I remember the "oh no! Bl**dy rain!!" whenever you looked out of the window when we were still at home...

Jennyta said...

Godd comparison, SP.
ED, trust you to remember that! Can't think why... :)

WendyCarole said...

having had a postman dad and husband and now son in law we do alot of weather watching. I weather watch as a teacher. Now husband has an allotment so he weather watches at week ends even more. Sometimes none of the sites a very accurate but this one is very useful


Yorkshire Pudding said...

All together now...

Every woman, every man
Join the caravan of love
Stand up, stand up, stand up
Everybody take a stand
Join the caravan of love
Stand up, stand up, stand up

Jennyta said...

Thanks for that tip, WendyCarole.
YP, you are just jealous!:)

Ellee Seymour said...

The most disappointing Apple App is its weather forecasting. So if you come up with a reliable forecasting system, do let them know.
It could be worse, at least you are not camping...

Jennyta said...

No, definitely not camping, Ellee!


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