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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Mobile Keith

One of the drawbacks of Keith having foot and leg problems is that he can't walk more than a few yards at a time so walks together are out. If we are on holiday, we get as close as possible to the local chateau or other attraction in the car and then I nip out and take myself of on a quick tour round it, while Keith waits in the car. However, before we took our caravan on its maiden tour at the weekend, he bought himself a folding bike.
(Here he is having a quick practice.)                                                                    

So, we packed our bags and set off on Friday for a very nice caravan park two miles outside Barmouth, in spite of the worrying weather forecast, which actually proved to be not nearly as bad as predicted. It is amazing how being only fifty odd miles away from home seems just as much of a break as being much further away and we had a lovely, peaceful weekend, not doing very much but enjoying not doing it - if you see what I mean. This caravan site was only a few minutes walk away from the sea and from the promenade, which goes all the way into Barmouth, which meant that Keith and I could walk Paddy together, me on Shank's
Pony and Keith on his bike. For the first time in four years, Keith is mobile!                                                 

He's not quite ready for backflips yet though!                                            


Silverback said...

Glad to see Keith mobile....and worry not; he'll be doing backflips on that thing as soon as the training wheels come off !

Know Barmouth well. Awesome beach that goes out and out - till it meets the water in fact.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

I don't know when Keith's birthday is but a lycra one-piece cycling suit might make a nice surprise with "Sponsored by Yale" on the back? Just an idea for you to mull over.

Jennyta said...

I'm sure he will, Ian. :)
YP, his birthday is in April - if you're offering....!


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