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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Doggy Boot Camp

I got a real shock on Thursday afternoon. There I was, minding my own business when a lady arrived to talk to Jenny. Well, this happens quite a lot. They go into what she calls her 'counselling room' which is just a room I have to go through to get out into the garden. Anyway, this lady, called Amanda apparently, had lots of doggy smells about her person, as I found out when I got to meet her, and it seems she trains dogs! I was in shock, I can tell you. I mean what on earth would Jenny want to even think about getting someone like that in to work with me? In fact, I'm not only in shock, I'm very offended!
It was a wet and windy afternoon but Jenny and Amanda insisted on taking me outside, even though Jenny knows I don't like being out in the rain and Amanda put this long red lead on me, a training lead she called it. It seems that Jenny has told her that I often pull on my lead when we are out and that I bark and lunge madly at other dogs - such wicked lies! So, up and down we walked and whenever I did something wrong, Jenny had to make this growling noise at me, and here's the worst part - if I didn't take any notice, I got squirted with water! There is only so much a dog can take, you know.
Amanda had a big red van with three of her dogs inside (she has six altogether) and I had a couple of quick barks at them and then she got one of them out to help me with my walking. Mind you, I couldn't see the point really; this other dog was worse than me at walking - well, I thought she was, anyway
After about two hours of exercises, I was finally allowed back in the house, to collapse, exhausted, on my bed.
Since then, I've had to practice going through doorways behind Jenny or Keith instead of in front, which is really stupid as I move so much faster than them, and I've had to do some of these exercises when I go out for my walks, so we don't get very far. Mind you, I am hearing Jenny say 'Good boy' quite a lot when I get it right, so maybe it is worth it after all.
I think I heard Jenny say to Amanda that eventually she would like to be able to let me off my lead and be confident of getting me back. Now that would be good - getting off the lead, I mean, I'm not bothered about coming back till I'm ready.
I think Jenny might not be too happy with that though...


cheshire wife said...

I think that the thought of his comfortable bed will bring him back if you let him off his lead.

Paddy said...

Continuing with my monologue. If ever that Amanda comes back to our house, I am going to bite her ass. Furthermore, I am not a "good boy", I am a very "bad boy", a very very "bad boy". After all if you call a dog Paddy he will behave like a Paddy. Up the Irish!

Jennyta said...

Let's hope so, CW. :)
YP, you're keeping late hours. If you continue to corrupt my dog, you will have me to deal with. ;)

menopausaloldbag (MOB) said...

If only I could get my two to stop barking like crazy whenever someone passes our house I'd be a happy eld gal. I have invested in a whistle and treats to see if I can change things a bit. Good going old boy - you listen to yer ma - otherwise she might stick you in a kennel outside for the winter!

Snowbabies said...

Think you should send an email to Cesar Mallan n see if he will visit the uk, paddy will be quaking in his paw boots lol good luck with the training :o)


Jennyta said...

Good luck with that, MOB. :)
Debbie, Paddy will be quaking next time he sees Amanda, don't worry! ;)


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