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Monday, June 08, 2009

No to BNP

The BNP now have two candidates to send to the European Parliament, which is worrying to say the least. However, there is an online petition that you can sign to indicate to the EU that these people in no way represent us.
You can access it through this link.


Silverback said...

But they DO represent the people who voted for them so I guess it's democracy in action.

One idiot, one vote.

J.J said...

Thanks for this Jenny. I have signed it and circulated it too.

Jennyta said...

It's not real democracy, Ian when the turnout for voting was only 34%. BNP actually got a smaller percentage of the vote but it got them in because of the low turnout.
Thanks for that, JJ.

Daphne said...

I think many people showed their disillusionment by not voting - - and that's really what these BNP candidates getting in represents - our disillusionment. If only we could use our vote to say NONE OF YOU! Silverback's right - it's the result that we, collectively, allowed to happen - if NOBODY had voted BNP they wouldn't have got in. Whether the system's right or wrong is a different matter!

Jennyta said...

I actually think that voting should be compulsory, Daphne, then at least the results would be the results of the country as a whole.

Nick Griffin said...

Any chance of a bed for the night in Wrexham? I am giving a lecture there next Saturday. All are welcome especially fascist bastards like me.


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