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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Prince Harry's latest

I was planning on doing a post on this but Silverback beat me to it, so I will content myself with agreeing wholeheartedly with what he says regarding Prince Harry and to his list of nicknames etc by which hosts of other people are known, I will add that of my son, who is also in the army and, being from Liverpool, with a strong accent to boot, has been known since he first signed on as 'Scouser'. He is, and always has been, perfectly happy with that and accepts it for what it is, a nickname, nothing more or less.
I find it so frustrating, although sadly not surprising, that all the usual PC gang are on the bandwagon, baying for blood. Someone representing the Ramadhan Foundation, interviewed on BBC News has stated that Harry should 'come on down here and apologise face to face.' As he was not the person referred to in the film, I cannot for the life of me see why he thinks such an apology should be made to him and his associates.
The world is slowly but surely going mad. We have Israelis and Palestinians killing each other over a tiny strip of land but the politicians and pressure groups focus their energies and outrage on an unimportant nickname which apparently was quite acceptable to its owner.
"A spokeswoman for the Ministry of Defence said: "Neither the Army nor the Armed Forces tolerates inappropriate behaviour in any shape or form. "
Well, maybe they feel they have to be seen to be taking some sort of action, but one hopes that, behind the scenes, they will treat this situation with an appropriate degree of common sense.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

When I was a camp counsellor years ago, the local Ohio barman, Skip, used to refer to me as "that limey bastard". Is the suse of the term "limey" racist? What about Yank, Frog, Eye-tie or even - wait for it - Taffy? The lad in Harry's video clip was a Pakistani and "Paki" seems a very suitable and innocent abbreviation.

Jennyta said...

You got off lightly, YP. Throughout my childhood I was referred to (by some) as 'Fatty'!

Greg said...

Funny you should post this. I thought the same thing when reading an article about the incident this morning. This Kiwi bastard can't quite believe the 'news' deemed to be important these days.

Jennyta said...

And they still going on about it today, Greg!

Snowbabies said...

When I saw the video this morning I couldn't believe all the fuss this has caused. The world has done PC mad!


Jennyta said...

Very true, Paul.


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