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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Scrooge is alive and well in Norwich

I have had a small whisky during the course of this evening, so I did look twice at this as I didn't believe what I was seeing the first time, but really, come on. I mean, are the idiots in charge of Norwich City Council really serious?
Hairdressers will have to get a licence to serve alcohol if they want to offer their customers a small glass of mulled wine in the spirit of the Christmas season, otherwise, they risk being fined £20,000 or facing 6 months in jail.
Very sensible really, of course. After all, offering a small tipple to one's customers is right up there with robbery, violence, murder... Could anything be worse?
I am reminded of the constant comment of tennis player, John McEnroe in his heyday:
"You cannot be serious, man!!!"


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Almost as stupid as the insistence that Victorian shopkeepers at the Beamish Museum trade in decimal money.

Arthur Clewley said...

I always find a sneaky blast of the hairspray up the nostrils gets a much more desirable intoxicating effect than mulled wine, is entirely legal and adds style and volume to those oft neglected nose hairs

Jennyta said...

Very true, YP.
Arthur, do tell me which haridresser you patronise!!

Jay said...

Well, I guess they're bound by the existing licencing laws and they must uphold them. It does seem daft though.

If it's a gift I'd have thought it would be exempt!

Jennyta said...

That's a good point, Jay.

gemmak said...


And Jay's point, I would be interested in the legalities of that, sounds a good point to me too.

Jennyta said...

Madness indeed, Gemmak!


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