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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Internet problems

We've been having intermittent problems with our internet lately, usually out of office hours, so when we ring BT we end up speaking to someone in India who is obviously reading from a script and hasn't the faintest clue what might be wrong. During the last few days, however, it's been worse and we are still not sure whether the problem is with the modem or the line. When Keith rang the other day, he ended up, not having the connection tested, but ordering a new BT Home Hub, which is one of those all singing, all dancing ones which give you broadband and TV as well. It's cheaper than Sky and the reviews I've read of it have been favourable, so we'll see...
The modem is due to arrive tomorrow, so I have two requirements to start my week:
1. That the modem arrives tomorrow as promised and doesn't get lost in the post like the last one did.
2. It sorts out the problem.
Not much to ask!


  1. Good luck with that!!

    By the way, I actually changed my bank once because I couldn't talk to an English person, in England, about my account. Told them so, too.

    I think they've changed their policy now, not that I flatter myself that it was my doing. ;)

  2. Well, time will tell how we get on, I guess!

  3. Your own British Telecom? Outsourcing now to India? But you knew service would suffer the day they privatised it. So it was with my former employer, Canadian National Railway. Our governments are slowly going bankrupt, Jenny, and must sell off our countries piece by precious piece. I guess we're not paying enough taxes. Yes, that must be it.

  4. What about number 3.? That Keith is able to set up the new hub without bursting blood vessels? If it is anything like the sodding Orange "LiveBox" he will still be wrestling with it on Christmas Day!

  5. Dale, it'd ridiculous the way everything has been privatised and sold off. We have practically no industry here now - we're not even a nation of shopkeepers any more - just a nation of call centres and even these are being transferred abroad.

  6. YP, he did in in seconds and it works! - at the moment, anyway. ;)

  7. OOoo! Mr Techno-Whizzkid-Cleverdick-Geek-Boffin!

  8. Jenny, you don't need to tell me about BT and Indian call centres (do you think it's someone's warped sense of humour outsourcing BRITISH Telecom to another country ?) When Dad passed away recently I followed the website advice and phoned them to speak to a 'dedicated staff member' who would transfer the account 'easily'. I ended up speaking to a foreign call centre - in office hours - where the girl cut us off, cancelled our telephone number, cancelled our bank details, lost all history of the package we were on and then hung up on me when she declared "I don't know what I've done" ! But to be fair to BT, they did send us a letter addressed to Dad offering him their condolences on his own death !!!!! Some things you just can't make up.......CraigyBaby !

  9. I've had dealing with BT before, Craig. Your story sounds about right!



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