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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Blogging meme

I've just been over to Flighty's blog and discovered that he has rather a good meme on his last post, so I thought I would pinch it for myself. I remember starting my blog but can't for the life of me remember how I found out about blogging, but I do know it has been immense fun and sometimes quite therapeutic. Anyway, here goes:
1. Can you remember without looking what your first post was about?
My first post was back in May 2004, I think and it was about the forthcoming prospect of leaving my job as deputy head of a primary school and 'downgrading' to classroom teacher, which I was looking forward to immensely, hence my blog title of Demob Happy Teacher.
2. Where did you write it?
I wrote it on the laptop that I had at the time.
3. Which was the first blog that you read?
I remember that - it was Gemmak's blog. I left a comment and we've been readers of each other's blogs ever since.
4. Who did /do you tell about your blogs, if anyone?
Some family, friends and work colleagues but I still find that lots of people that I mention the word 'blog' to look at me blankly. 'A what?' they ask.
5. Have your blogs ever caused a scandal?
Not exactly, but the head teacher of the school I was working in at the time took exception to some of my posts on my views of the current state of education and sent me to Coventry. As she didn't share her reasons with me, it was some considerable time before I found out why I was being ignored. (Yes, I know - teachers - men among boys, boys among men. It is relevant to women too!)
6. Tell us something random which happened as a result of blogging.
Our holiday in France this year was the result of a comment left on my blog by Yorkshire Pudding's brother, Robin, who runs the gite that we stayed at. A very happy random event, as we had a great time there.
7. Snog, marry or avoid - pick another blogger for each.
Hmm, well, as Keith will be reading this, maybe I'd better not answer. Seriously though, I have 'met' lots of fellow bloggers through comments and my bloglist and all have been friendly and charming. I have only met one in real life, Yorkshire Pudding but would love to meet more. The only one I would avoid is the character who started leaving rather childish and spiteful comments at one time but who fortunately now seems to have disappeared.
8. What’s your most amusing blog memory?
Not sure really. I have often smiled and laughed out loud at fellow bloggers' posts and comments but I can't think of one particular incident.
Now, anyone who would like to take up this particular baton and run with it is most welcome.


Flighty said...

It's good to see that you did decide to do this meme.
It's always interesting to read how others started blogging.
Thanks for the linked mention! xx

Jennyta said...

You're welcome, Flighty. Enjoy your week. :)

Wallo said...

Ah good, another one to keep on the sub bench for blogger block situations!



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