Sunday, May 25, 2008

Back home

When I set off from Bristol this morning, the weather, in true bank holiday style was wet, wet and more wet, which got a bit boring after a while so, a few miles from Spaghetti Junction, I was interested to see a sign on the overhead gantry proclaiming to all and sundry that it would be wise to slow down as there were 'animals at large.'
"Aha!" I thought, "This should brighten up a dull journey," and I began to wonder what sort of animals I was about to see. Giraffes? Elephants? The odd rhinoceros? Well, I have been reading 'The Life of Pi' recently, hence the fact that my thoughts turned immediately to zoo animals rather than farm or domestic ones.
Disappointment! Apart from a Canada goose legging it smartly along the hard shoulder, nothing else was in sight. How typical - arriving when the show's over!
Mind you, later on, I did see a whole lot of lemmings hurtling back home from the car boot sale at Chirk but it was a poor substitute, especially as the resulting queue on my route was so long I felt I was losing the will to live.
Still, I arrived home safe and sound, just in time for Formula 1 on telly! So glad I didn't miss that.....(not!)


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Oh my Lord! Your new blog design is amazing! It seems so... well... professional! I am currently not reading anything you have written - just marvelling at the design!
P.S. I have already passed your condolences on to Shirley - thank you!
P.P.S. Bet you were delighted taht Hamilton won the Grand Prix!

Jennyta said...

Thanks, YP. It's nice to bask in unbridled admiration! Of course, I was absolutely thrilled to bits about Hamilton. (Who?)
Make sure you give Shirley lots of TLC now, as I know you will. :)


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