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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, March 31, 2008

Gardening in a pot

When Elder Daughter visited last week, she waxed enthusiastic about growing vegetables in her garden. When I said I would like to be able to do the same but our garden is really too small, she suggested growing some vegetables in containers.
What a great idea! Later, on the phone, she was full of tips and advice.
"You need to get 'Gardener's World'," she ordered, "it has free lettuce seeds in it this month. Oh and get 'Grow it!' too." I could hear her partner sniggering in the background. Obviously not a fellow gardening enthusiast.
So I duly purchased the two magazines, with their free seeds and then yesterday, dragged Keith off to buy a wheelbarrow, compost and some plants to start off with.
Mind you, reading those magazines is an education in itself. I mean, what on earth is a forcing pot and how am I supposed to remember to plant, for instance, potatoes with nasturtiums because they are good planting companions?
And I bet you didn't know that sweet peas work to fix nitrogen from the air into the soil through special nodules on their roots? (I presume that is A Good Thing?)
Oh, I shall soon be able to bore for England (sorry, Wales).
Watch this space!


Laurence said...

Great post Jen.

You can get some great crops from containers.

I have several raised beds I grow my veg in but I still use containers for growing extra.

Look at my website and see a photo of the carrots that I grew at the top of the page.

Further down there is one of my wife picking some for a meal.

You can get about 30-40 carrots from each container this way.

I use 9" and 12" pots or plastic containers that are about 14" square.

My URL to the website page is:


Jennyta said...

Thanks, Laurence. I have looked at your webiste and it looks brilliant - full of excellent information, so I've put it on my favourites list and will be back to read more soon.

Jay said...

Tee hee ... I remember when Other Half and I were first married and moved into a cottage with a third of an acre. Being very poor, we decided to grow our own veggies, with amazing success.

We learned a lot! Including such gems of wisdom as 'Ye need not two thirteen foot rows of sprouting broccoli for two persons, one of whom finding it maketh him puke'

Good luck with your containers!


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