Sunday, February 10, 2008

Lunch in Tywyn

Keith wants us to go here today, 'here' being a little place called Tywyn over in west Wales. It's not a particularly unusual place, except for one of its restaurants, the Proper Gander, which does amazing Sunday lunches, and probably amazing meals throughout the week as well. I once made the mistake of refusing a full three course lunch and was immediately harangued (in a very nice way, you understand) by the proprietor who stood over me until I was won over and agreed to comply.
Keith has obviously forgotten that he is supposed to be on a diet!


Arthur Clewley said...

hi jenny, if tywyn is the place where every year a bunch of people race a steam train up the valley then I think I recall visiting there once. A beautiful part of the world, that bit of wales

Jennyta said...

Yes, Arthur, Fairbourne is where the railway is. It is a lovely area.


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