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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Brown looking after our pensions

So Gordon Brown was warned 10 years ago of the effect of his actions on pensions. It seems that Treasury papers, which until now have been kept confidential, have shown he was warned that scrapping dividend tax in July 1997 could wipe £75bn from pension fund values but he went ahead and did it anyway. What an unbelievable, inhuman disregard for the misery that would face millions of Britains.
Oh, but here comes Ed Balls to the rescue, assuring us all that Mr Brown had 'scrapped the credits on the "best advice" of civil servants. ' Oh, so that's all right then. Good old Gordon - not his fault after all.
Just when you think our 'leaders' can sink no lower, they prove us wrong. And this is the man, whom Beckett says is 'head and shoulders above any other candidate' for prime minister and leader of the labour party. Says it all really.

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Anonymous said...

But this is simplistic nonsense - you mention nothing about the £ 25 bn a year taken out in 'pension holidays' by private companies. And why should you care ? You are a public servant with a defined benefit scheme which will be completely unaffected by any of Gordon's changes. At least he has meant a booming economy and profits for companies, huge bonuses and low tax. Not the complete fuck-up you would have us believe. But then some people are never happy..


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