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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Key Stage 1 SATS

In 2004 I was teaching in Year 2 and carried out the last key stage 1 SATS. After that, 6-7 year olds would no longer be subjected to national tests. Teachers would be back in the driving seat and Teacher Assessment would rule again! (Cue wild applause)
Three years later, and I am back with Year 2 again and on a course ...
When the course begins with the information that you have the choice of using the tests and tasks from 2005 or 2007, you do begin to wonder how 'gone' these SATS are!
This evening, someone asked me what course I had been on today.
"Oh it was on the Key Stage 1 SATS, you know, the ones that don't exist any more," I replied.
She smiled.
"Oh yes, I understand, My husband was a head teacher till he retired three years ago. He couldn't wait to leave.


Ellee said...

I take my hat off to you, I couldn't do your job. You deserve a medal.

Yorkshire Pudding said...

What is Key Stage One anyway?
a) Remove key from pocket
b) Turn key right way up so that it is facing the keyhole
c) Push key into keyhole
d) Turn key to right to unlock
e) Turn key to left to lock.
f) Take key from lock and throw onto a nearby stage where you will see lots of other discarded keys (That is why it is known as the "key stage")
In Key Stage Two we will be looking at key rings from across the world (including Wales!).

Michelle said...

Hehehehe, aint it just grand to be back!

Jennyta said...

Nice to see you over here Ellee and Michelle. YP - you must know about key stages - or do you secondary teachers do the sensible thing and just pretend you have carried them out?

Anonymous said...

As they say, those that can, do - those that can't, teach.

Those that can't teach, teach the teachers..


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