Tuesday, October 03, 2006

T-i-e spells what???

We were doing a spelling activity this morning, unscrambling jumbled up letters to spell a word. Great fun with the interactive whiteboard! Three letters, t-i-e were causing one of the boys a little trouble so I gave him a clue.

"It begins with t."

Still no lightbulb moment so I tried again.

"It's something that men wear," I said.

Immediately another little voice piped up, "Underpants!"

A touch of divergent thinking perhaps?


Arthur said...

I didn't know you taught sixth form jenny. some people made a whole career out of that stuff you know- you could be a kind of welsh gervais phinn. interesting that was the first item of male apparel that youngster thought of though.

Craigy Baby ! said...

More like a Welsh Ricky Gervais ha ha ;)

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Arthur. The trouble is I never remember most of the amusing incidents. Maybe I should keep a diary!
Craig, like I said - you're dead!

JustSue said...

I think most Canadian schoolchildren would manage T-i-e...but not for the necktie, instead for the "rock 'em - sock 'em" bad boy of Canadian hockey Tie Domi.

Neckties are so old fashioned and becoming very scarce, sad to say - especially this side of the Atlantic.

Jennyta said...

That's interesting, Sue but ties are still often worn over here. Anyway, it was a spelling lesson, so no excuse! ;)


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