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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What a load of rubbish!

Apparently there are moves afoot to fine householders £110 if they put their rubbish out before the designated day of collection.
What I want to know is how much my refuse collectors will be fined when they empty my recycling box and then deliberately chuck it into next door's garden, as they did the other week!


Ellee Seymour said...

I was going to write about this today, waste and recycling is one of my pet subjects, but I have been rushed off my feet having returned from hols with 10 washloads etc.

Your binmen sound naughty and should be reported. Any plans to fine householders for putting out their rubbish on the wrong day will fail in the court because it will have to be proved who did it, and unless you see them, or someone reports them, they will not stand a chance. Just like the householder who was prosecuted for adding rubbish in her recyclables and not sorting them out properly - allegedly, of course.

Jennyta said...

They'll be getting me on that one soon, Ellee. I apparently keep putting out things that are 'not the right kind of plastic'.

Just Sue said...

In my area we recently (within the last month) went to "green box" recycling. Kitchen waste and compostibles. Our schedule is now weekly for "green box" and other recyclables (paper/plastic/cans/glass), and every 2nd week for regular non-recyclable refuse. We also have a 4 bag limit and have to pay for any additional bags. Thankfully with just the boy and I, by the time we eliminate all the recyclables, we hardly even fill 2 bags every 2 weeks of regular garbage. Our problem is unscrupulous neighbours who sneak their extra bags onto my property. Grrrrr!

Jennyta said...

Lockable bins, Sue? ;)

CraigyBaby ! said...

Jenny - compliments on the new music ! As much as I like LeAnn Rimes, there's only so much of the same song u can take ! Enya rocks (well, she doesn't but you know what I mean !). I was going to comment on the topic, but it's 'rubbish' ha ha ha ha ha !

Jennyta said...

Thanks for the compliment, Craig. So I won't put 'Shout!' on then????

Michelle said...

What a rort!


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