"Well, there is only one piece of advice I can give you," said the wisest of wise men. "The secret of happiness is to see all the marvels of the world and never to forget the drops of oil on the spoon."

('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Blogger changes

Having moved back to Blogger from 20six because of changes there which were obviously not going to improve the system, now I find that things are changing here too. Having learned caution the hard way, I decided to create a new blog to experiment and then I read hints of teething problems so thought maybe slow and careful would be more sensible than rushing where angels fear to tread, so I'm waiting... but now I find I can only comment on some blogs anonymously. One of the teething problems not highlighted by Blogger!

PS. Having suffered an unwelcome birthday yesterday I am just wondering if the 'slow and careful' approach is a surreptitious result of the passing of the years. Maybe I should rush in headlong and change everything after all - just to prove I still can!


Micks Page said...

Hi Jennyta.

I know of no changes to the ‘Blogger’ program. I have now found ‘it’, at least for me to be the perfect program, I am able to post and show my blog the way I want. Like you I have progressed from 20six [and the 27-platform] which I found both rather limiting to that which I can do on blogger - [No problems].

I suspect you are using Windows XP and internet explorer, why not try a different browser, firefox for example. I have found that if my main browser, Netscape doesn't perform as I want, I go over to Safari [Apple Mac browser] and if that is not to my liking, go to the Firefox browser.

When you say “I find I can only comment on some blogs anonymously”. That's very, very strange.

However, what ever you decide, whether to change platforms for your blog, I will follow.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Birthday ey? And why was it unwelcome? As Russell Brand of "Big Brother's Big Mouth" might say - "nice to grow old - the swine!" Belated Happy Birthday Greetings!

Arthur said...

yes, happy birthday yesterday

Jennyta said...

Mick, there is now a Blogger beta linked to Google mail. I have moved to it (I think) because the signing in bit is now different but I think there must be a discrepancy between those who have moved and those who haven't re commenting. I haven't taken the whole plunge yet and changed my template though. That was what I was experimenting with on the new blog I set up purely for that. I am going to stay with Blogger but I want them to sort out the gremlins of the beta version (which is the point of having a beta version of course;))

Jennyta said...

YP and Arthur, thanks for your good wishes. Unwelcome birthday because it's another year clocked up. I have an issue with age - I need counselling for it! ;)

Michelle said...

Firstly, belated birthday wishes Jenny ((hugs)) :o)

A few of my other blog friends took the ore drastic approach and moved the whole shebang over to the new beta system.....big mistake! Upon visiting their blogs, it was like i jumped in the tardis and was transported back a year or 2! It was their blogs alright but the posts were 1 or 2 years old! To cut a long story short, all of them were off the air for 4 days, Blogger assisted them in getting back on but a few have had to creat new links.

Just Sue said...

I read over the Beta Blooger section a few days ago, and after reading a few of the known bugs ...yes, they mentioned the anonymous comments problem too...I decided I'd wait, let them work on it themselves - and when they finally have enough bugs ironed out to release it, then we will make the move.


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