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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Reckless Romeo

That magic hour in the early morning when I hover between sleep and wakefulness, mentally girding my loins to face a new day seems destined to be the time when snippets of news wander into my mind which all have the same effect. Not exactly a 'lightbulb' moment, more a 'question mark' moment as in, "Did I really hear that?" Today brought another such moment, courtesy again of Radio 4. (Is there any other radio station?)
In Washington, Tyne and Wear, there is a young man, twenty one years of age, who is soon to become a father
... of seven.
A first reaction might be to feel extremely sorry for the mother of these children but of course, there isn't just one mother, there are seven and he 'is reported to be living apart from the mother-to-be.' We can assume that he didn't live with the others either.
Not only that, but he doesn't work so doesn't support any of his children financially. We, the taxpayers will be picking up that bill. A figure was mentioned on the radio but I was still at the "21??? SEVEN CHILDREN???" stage so missed it.
BBC News website informs us that the number of teenage pregnancies in the north east is 52 per thousand, as opposed to the national figure of 42 and also mentions that
'Condom manufacturers report low sales in the region.'
Hmm, figures!


Dale said...

Dad would say, "He should be taken out and nutted."

A bit extreme, perhaps, but honestly, Jenny, what kind of an irresponsible scoundrel would behave this way? And what of the mothers? They have a role here as well, no?

Sad, isn't it?

Jennyta said...

Dale, you are so right. Unfortunately there is often a school of thought among young girls that if they use condoms, they are 'slags' (Don't know what the equivalent expression would be in Canada but you get the idea) and, of course, when they do get pregnant, they get a flat and benefits which they think is great until they are trapped in the boredom and poverty of such a life.

Jonathan said...
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Jonathan said...

Sounds like a lot of what is termed "welfare abuse" here by Republicans. Here, they can get rent assistance, medical care, and even government assistance to buy food. These benefits are phased out as the mother's income increases, so many "choose" (using the term lightly) to not work, and be a full-time mother. Until they get bored.

stagedive said...

I heard this too, it was also in todays national press. The stunning part for me was the smirk on both of their faces, mother included, as though it was an honour to have found their 15 seconds of fame in the national press! You can only but hope that potential Mum #8 reads the papers before it is too late.


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