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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Health and Safety

There was an item on the news this morning which I half heard, about a disgruntled tenant partially dismantling a house and wrecking two cars. The police were unable to prevent him from doing this and had to wait until the fire brigade arrived.
"Surely they could have done something?" I protested.
"Well, he was in a JCB," said Keith, "so I don't suppose they were about to jump on that."
No, I suppose not. Especially when I remembered a conversation I had with the local police a few years ago about vandalism during which I was informed that if the front gate was locked, the local constabulary were not about to climb over the fence, which was all of four feet high, in order to get onto the premises.
"Health and safety, you see," I was told.
So I presume they just stood back and let him get on with it then.


Arthur said...

it's hardly the sweeney is it?

Nick em carter!
No way gov!
Have they got shooters?
No, I just can't go over that 4 foot gate without scaffolding, a hard hat, three men to hold the ladder and a two week training course in working at heights
If you weren't who you are I'd kick yer arse up to yer shoulderblades!

Jennyta said...

Actually, my comment at the time was something along the lines of 'That's not the way they do things in the Bill' - it didn't go down very well though. :(

Dale said...

That's absurd. What sort of police protection is that?

Oh, and what, pray tell, is a "JCB"? Hmmm?

Jennyta said...

A JCB, Dale is a caterpillar tractor with a bucket on an arm - you can use it as a digger. Normally, to knock a building down, you would have a wrecking ball on it but this fellow just used the bucket.

Flighty said...

Saying that there were health and safety considerations is a real cop out!


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