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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

NHS Dentists? Coming here?

I was in the chemist's this morning and my eye fell on a leaflet inviting people to send their details to the Local Health Board if they wish to have access to an NHS dentist as a new dental care company is shortly to be offering its services around here. (The idea of sending in a form is to avoid the politically embarrassing queues filmed some months ago in mid-Wales, of course, but I digress.)
There was a website address on the form, which I looked at tonight and, whilst browsing, I chanced upon a vacancy for an assistant planning officer. So I thought I would take a look - only idle curiosity, you understand. Below is the job description:

Wrexham Local Health Board is looking for a highly motivated and enthusiastic person to work as part of the LHB Planning Team.
The Post: An exciting opportunity has arisen to work in LHB Development and Performance Directorate at the Wrexham Local Health Board. You will assist the Commissioning & Performance Manager to manage the Local Health Board and Partners ‘Hearts & Minds Project’. The role will involve joint working and service development in support of the project. You will also support broader commissioning & development work within the directorate. This post will provide an excellent opportunity to gain valuable experience of working in the challenging environment of health services planning.

Well, I'm not a serious contender for the job, but what I would really love to know is.............

What the hell does it mean???


Michelle said...

I say apply anyhow, who cares what it means LOL!!

krip said...

A serious contender for the 'Plain English' campaign.
How refreshing to hear a chemist correctly named, instead of the hideous americanism, drug store.

Jennyta said...

Might be getting myself into deep water, though, Michelle.
Krip, imagine what it must sound like in Welsh!

krip said...

I would imagine a lot of phlegm would be involved.

Shooting Parrots said...

I'm in the business and even I don't know what they're on about!

Jennyta said...

That's quite reassuring then, SP. At least it means that I'm not losing it in my old age!


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