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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Friday, March 03, 2006

What next???

I often have occasion to feel glad that it's not possible to see into the future. So, about the time on Friday afternoon that I was dropping a colleague off at home after a day in school and collecting Keith's prescriptions, he was busy slipping on ice outside the shop and breaking his ankle. Not content with doing things by halves, he broke it in two places and, just to finish the job off, chose the ulcerated one, which is giving him all the problems at the moment.
Once in the hospital, the doctors quickly realised that this was not going to be straightforward. Having plastered it to keep it stable for the x-ray, they then had to remove the plaster to assess the condition of the ulcer and surrounding skin as the first option was to put a plate in. However, as there was a strong possibility of introducing infection in such an operation, because of the ulcer, the consultant has decided to pin the bone on the outer side of the foot and manipulate the bone on the inner side where the skin is broken...................
in FIVE DAYS when the swelling has gone down.
Fortunately, as he is now on a self-administered morphine drip because of the combined pain of the break and the ulcer, he is taking a slightly more relaxed attitude to this prospect than he would be if he were fully compos mentis but, it ain't good.
Now you know why I tend to give the crystal ball a miss.

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