Thursday, September 02, 2004

Mad customers

I had this conversation with a potential customer yesterday:
The customer wanted to know if we had a particular sound card and what the price of it was, which I told him.
"What time are you open until today?" he asked.
"Half past five," I replied.
"Oh, half past five?" he said.
"Yes, that's right," I said.
"Oh good," he said, "I'll pop in at lunch-time tomorrow then."


Dale said...

Still with you, Jenny. Still checking each day to see what you've been up to. I hope you and Keith have a brilliant time in France. Where it's still summer! Bon Voyage et bonne chance!

Jennyta said...

Thanks for your good wishes, Dale. I am really looking forward to some decent weather after the dreadful summer we've had here. I'm still a daily visitor to your site too! :)

gemmak said...

Lol.....customers! Pah! Strange breed! hehe

Have a wonderful holiday the both of you and I look forward to 'tales of France' on your return. Bon Voyage.


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