Monday, September 27, 2004

Interesting eyes

I had a hospital appointment today. About 10 years ago, my optician decided I might have glaucoma so sent me to a specialist for further investigation. It was decided that I actually had an unusually shaped optice nerve and, otherwise all was well.
This summer, my new optician decided to send me to the specialist again, just be on the safe side as glaucoma is in the family.
Fortunately, I got the all clear once again, but the specialist did remark that I had 'very interesting optic discs.' Not something I often get told but as a chat-up line, I think it would leave a lot to be desired! :)


gemmak said...

Wow....nice one! I must have missed you by mistake on yesterdsay's blogsurf.......typical, a big change and I missed it on day one! It's really nice Jen, I haven't seen this one before, well done. Oh and its the challenge, or at least that's what I tell myself!

Great chat up line by the way....hehehe.

Alan Saunders said...

If you have glaucoma in the family you are entitled to a free eye-test every year. It may depend on just where in the family it is, of course.

Jennyta said...

Thanks, Alan. Yes I do get a free test and make sure I go every year just in case. Luckily I have escaped so far.

Dale said...

I too must go and see a doctor about my eyes. I wear drugstore glasses (non-prescription) but it's getting to the point now where they're not helping much. I'll need a pair of "real" glasses, I guess. I don't want to visit an optometrist, though. He'll have bad news I'm sure. I'd rather go to an optimist. They're always more positive.

"Oh your eyes are fine, Mr. Pringle. This is just a temporary condition. Your vision will probably improve as you get older."

Yeah. Doesn't that sound better?


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