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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Bird protection

Whilst cruising around the internet today, during the quiet times in the shop (yes, I've done the dusting, made the coffee etc!), I came across 2 items on birds.
The first was from Raised by Chaffinches detailing the widespread slaughter of many of our small birds and birds of prey in Malta and Italy. Do like the man says and sign the petition please.
The second item was in this morning's news. This is a much more positive item about the Great Bustard chicks which have been brought over from Russia to settle on Salisbury Plain. When I heard this item on Radio 4 this morning, there was mention of a number of possible hazards which could cut short a long and happy life. To accustom them to natural predators, a stuffed fox will be placed in their cage. Speaking as the mother of a soldier who was once stationed in that area, I would have thought that the biggest threat would come, not from foxes but from Homo Sapiens Armius! How about a cardboard cutout of a squaddie in the cage? Oh well, just a thought.....


Railwayman39 said...

I thought that our Great Bustard was still on his free hoilday with Batchelor Boy, or am I missing something.

Shrub said...

I think you're confusing the Great bustard with the Jug-eared Tit.

Jennyta said...

You could both be right! :)

Crash said...

Jenny. I was just wondering how you surfed into our blog? I keep trying to find interesting blogs but give up after the 13th 16 year old Americans contribution! Its good to find another worth reading.

gemmak said...

Yipeeee! you did it. Well done :o)

Eddie said...

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