Sunday, August 15, 2004

Another sheep!

What are you looking at then?

So, it's another sheep - this time from T'Lake District. How can you tell the difference between Cumbrian and Welsh sheep? It's the accent, of course!


Dale said...

A black sheep wearing a white wool sweater. Must be chilly there.

magz said...

i suppose that THEY can tell the difference....and thats all that matters. I've often wondered whether animals from different parts of the world had different accents, would a german german shepard be understood by an american german shepard? Bless you jenny, for your encouraging words. As dale might say in his assumed accent, yer a bit of allright, wot?

Railwayman39 said...

It must be a Herdwick seep ifit is on the Lakes

Monster said...

Hi jenny!
With you mentioning sheep I thought it might tickle your fancy if you saw this entry on my blog -


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