Sunday, July 25, 2004

Terrible things, backs!

Since Wednesday, first day of freedom, I have been afflicted with lower back pain; used to be known as lumbago, but that is such an ugly, middle aged sounding word - I prefer, if I have to suffer from it anyway, to suffer from lower back pain - more upmarket somehow! Anyway, having been taking my years-out-of-date slow release Ibuprofin, there is still no improvement. Yesterday I decided walking would do the trick so did about an hour and a quarter and it did seem to loosen up a bit. But still no real improvement, so, anyone out there with ideas for an instant cure (not involving red flannel please!), I'd be glad to hear from you. Come on Doctor Kathy,  (daughter) any ideas???? And if you say it's old age you've had it! :)

1 comment:

gemmak said...

Sorry I don't have the answer but when Dr. Kathy comes up with a magic cure pass it on to me please! :o)


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