Saturday, July 31, 2004

Sat. nav. local version

Last night, Keith had a wonderful brainwave. He does get them occasionally - wine inspired often. You will recall that he recently aquired a PDA with satellite navigation software? Read all about it here Well, he has now decided it would be a good marketing strategy to provide the commentary in a range of dialects. Brilliant or wot!! So, instead of the cultured German accent we hear at present, customers from Merseyside would hear, "Eh, giiiirl, come'head, yez are on the wrong road! Yer doin' me 'ead in!"
In Yorkshire, the instructions would go as follows: "Eh up lad, tha's on t' wrong road, tha knows!"
In Bristol, it would be, "Yur, what you think you'm doin' over yur, then?"
The Irish would hear, "I wouldn't make the next right turn if I were you or ye'll be comin' back on yeself afore ye get there."
The creme de la creme would be the Welsh version:
"Back her wants to go, come the bugger went." (Instructions on reversing).
(With apologies for any readers from any of these regions before I start getting poison pen letters! :)

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