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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Runcorn Bridge cont.

Whoever has the sense of humour at the Highways Agency has surpassed himself this week - yes, himself, it's got to be a man!
Remember the police notice about the speed cameras in operation? Remind yourself here Well, this week there is now a small white board informing all hapless travellers that pass that way that 468 people have been speeding!
Given that one struggles to reach the speed limit of 20mph and my speed along that stretch currently varies from 2 to 20mph, I am at a complete loss to know how on earth anyone has managed to break the speed limit!!! 2 possible solutions spring to mind:
a) There are 468 Heath Robinson contraptions on the road which are built with extendable wheels so that they can actually pass over other traffic

b) There are 468 L.F.V.s on the roads - i.e. Low Flying Vehicles.
Mind you, I haven't spotted any of these on my daily travels, but maybe I just haven't been looking carefully enough. The speed cameras obviously have! Look here

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gemmak said...

Questions coming up tomorrow evening, I have replied more fully on my comments :o)

How long now?


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