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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, July 08, 2004

Old age

Being an avid listener to Radio 4, which, I am told by younger colleagues and my own children, is an inevitable part of hitting middle age, I listen regularly on my way to work. This week, I have been aware of a trailer for a programme on air this evening called 'It's my story' here
Nothing unusual in that except that I was struck by the description of the retired couple who feature in tonight's programme - something on the lines of..."They live in a mobile home, which, like them, has seen better days."
My overwhelming reaction was that this was such an incredibly patronising way of describing someone!
If these people had been in their thirties or forties instead of pensioners, would the presenter have dreamt of saying anything so downright rude? Not likely.
Barring untimely death, we'll all be old one day and reliant on younger members of society and there are times when I would be quite happy to see the more insensitive among us being on the receiving end of the treatment they dish out to older people! Maybe one day they will. What goes around, comes around!
Am I being oversensitive or does anyone else feel that older people are frequently treated as second class citizens?
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Snowbabies said...

Im in total agreement with you, roadworks everywhere, I set off to work at 7am to beat the traffic, if i set off any later if would take me up to an hour and half to get there....talk about stressed...I could strangle someone by the time I get there...lol...


gemmak said...

It is almost unbelievable that someone decided in their wisdom to run a traffic cencus in such a place and at such a time. I have to admit though, I can't help but giggle in a helplessly stupid fashion at your descriptions :o)

Anonymous said...

The govenment have to ask questions so they can made the right decisions on important matters like where to build the next moterway, should we go to war in Iraq etc.
Posted by busdriving.blogdrive.con

Jennyta said...

To Anonymous,
I must have been away the day the government consulted me or anyone else on going to war with Iraq!!! (Don't start me on that one!) I am at a loss to know when they ever consult anyone on anything these days! - They don't even consult their own MP's - as you can see by the huge empty spaces in the House of Commons during so called debates!


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