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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Garbage disposal

I'm doing well today - the news is full of interesting articles! Here's another little gem! While I am all for recycling as much as possible (Keith and I recycle all our wine bottles very conscientiously!), why do these 'systems' have to be imposed on unsuspecting council tax payers without any consultation or flexibility simply because there are 'targets to be met'! We in education have had targets up to here!!
In South Gloucestershire, where I am this week, each household now has a black wheelie bin, a green wheelie bin and a green box. Tough luck for anyone who has a small garden! And tough also for anyone trying to push a pram or wheelchair up the road on collection days when they are all in the middle of the pavements! (Doesn't this interfere with minority rights???).
Sefton (near Liverpool)have vowed never to have anything to do with the dreaded wheelie bin so up there, bin bags are left out on the pavement for collection and as a target for all the cats and dogs in the neighbourhood - very pleasant on a hot summer's day! They do supply a green box - without a lid.
Liverpool have introduced wheelie bins but insist, almost on pain of death, that they are a revolting shade of violent purple - corporation colours, see!
Wrexham have black wheelie bins but, in our area at least, have no other arrangements for recycling unless householders are willing to cart recyclable items to the nearest 'bank'. Wrexham garbage disposal operatives also have selective blindness. Any bin not on the edge of the pavement is simply not seen and, consequently, not emptied.
Is it beyond the wit of the powers that be to devise a user-friendly, non-intrusive system which will keep (almost) everybody happy??

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