Saturday, July 24, 2004


I would say that, by and large, Keith is an easygoing sort of fellow - eccentric, definitely, but easygoing, except when it comes to boxes; you know, otherwise known as cuboid storage containers. When it comes to boxes it wouldn't be too much of an exaggeration to say that the man is verging on the fanatical - as in, they absolutely must never, ever be thrown out or otherwise disposed of.
Which tends to result in a superfluity of cuboid storage containers in what is, however you look at it, a fairly small house. In other words, wherever you go around the house, you end up staring a box in the face - except in the bathroom, and I believe he is working on that.
These boxes tend to have been erstwhile receptacles for such fascinating objects as video cards, memory cards, sound cards, CD writers, plus the heavy mob - printers, monitors, DVD players. They are situated in the most unexpected places - beside the dining table, under the stairs, on top of the music centre as well as......wait for the 'box' room! Yes, this is a house where the box room is just literally that, as well as being the model aeroplane room and the exercise bike room, but that's another story.
When I first met Keith, he had a very interesting colony of boxes which had taken root in his living room and seemed to be really thriving, but I think today's arrangement is unsurpassed in its artistic flair and imaginative juxtaposition (see photo). You never know, he might start a new trend in home decor. Forget Changing Rooms, you saw it here first!!

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