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('The Alchemist' Paulo Coelho)

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Wasting time and resources

Another reason for wanting to leave my present job is the waste of time and money. In our Infant department we currently have 2 kettles which don't work properly, an oven whose door has had no handle almost since it was bought, a video which no longer works and a laminator which has also given up the ghost. However, let's look on the bright side! The local primary and high schools recently banded together in order to be in a stronger position to bid for all the money allegedly floating around waiting to be snapped up. Among other things, a substantial amount of this money was used to provide an extra in-service day in which various astounding pronouncements were made - eg. children learn in different ways (Why didn't anyone ever tell us that before???) However, the comment I REALLY took issue with was that newly qualified teachers should keep away from older teachers who tell them that they have been teaching for 25 years, because what they really mean is that they have taught 1 year and repeated it 25 times. This from a middle aged colleague who had obviously forgotten (or maybe had been living on another planet!)that our generation has experienced more changes and upheavals in education than anyone ever before! What message does that convey to our younger colleagues, many of whom give the impresssion that anyone over 35 has nothing to offer the profession anyway? Then there was the suggestion that if a teacher has to send a pupil to the head teacher for behaviour problems in class, the problem is with the teacher, who has mishandled the situation. Head teachers off the hook in one fell swoop! Why is anyone surprised that teachers are climbing over each other to leave the profession! Anyway, enough serious stuff for one day - it's still half term and I need to go and do something recreational - weeding the garden maybe.....?

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gemmak said...

A kindred spirit indeed....... Kinda theraputic this blogging thing isn't it?
Thanks for your comments on my site, I appreciate it.
I haven't been at the HTML 'thing' long and yes a big learning curve! :o/
I'm lucky, I only work part time so the remainder of my life is currently spent here....training to be a 'geek'!
Congrats on your escape!


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